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Duluth’s First Street runs through downtown and the East Hillside neighborhood as a two-way street in some sections, and as a one-way in others. The directional changes lead to confusion and safety issues for both drivers and pedestrians along the corridor.

The City of Duluth hired Alliant Engineering to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of converting of First Street to a two-way street along the entire segment from Mesaba Avenue to 24th Avenue East.

The MIC’s travel demand model was used by the consultant to analyze traffic operations.

The plan documents land uses and needs along the corridor, street widths, parking counts, turning movements, and traffic forecasts to demonstrate how the two-way operation would function and what changes may have to be made to the street to make it operate properly.

It also identifies cross-section alternatives for the street and includes a conceptual layout.

View the MIC’s letter of support for the one-way to two-way conversion

View the Consultant presentation to the MIC’s Transportation Advisory Committee