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The mini master plan for the Campus Connector Trail (formerly known as the Lowell to Lakewalk Trail) is a culmination of 10-plus years of planning to provide connections to numerous educational institutions (K-12 and colleges) along an off-street active transportation corridor that runs vertically down Duluth’s hillside to the lakewalk.

The plan documents this history and the planning process for this trail plan, as well as the vision and a set of principles to guide the trail development.

It recommends a preferred trail alignment with alternative and interim alignments and types based on limiting factors with a few particular sections.  It also includes costs and a potential time frame for construction for various segments.

The City of Duluth Parks Commission, the MIC Board were asked to sign off on the plan before presenting it for final approval in October 2019 by the Duluth City Council.

This was a joint planning effort between the City of Duluth and the MIC.

View presentation to the MIC Board, Oct. 2019