The work we’re doing this year.

The Unified Transportation Planning Work Program and Budget (UPWP) shows how federal transportation planning funds are being used by the MIC to meet metropolitan planning requirements for the current calendar year. It indicates who will perform the work, the schedule for completing the work, the resulting work products, the proposed funding by activity/task, and a summary of the amounts and sources of federal and matching funding.

The UPWP is updated annually and is developed by MIC staff in consultation with partner jurisdictions and agencies and approved by the Policy Board.

It may be amended to account for changes in funding or projects.

Public Notice: Administrative Modification #1 to the MIC’s 2023 UPWP

Additional Scope of Work and Funding for the Duluth Area I-35 Corridor Plan

Summary of Change: An additional task has been identified for the Duluth Area I-35 Corridor Plan to further evaluate the Thompson Hill area from Boundary Avenue to Central Avenue. The MIC’s consultant has provided a detailed scope of work and MnDOT has agreed to provide additional funds in the amount of $94,956.84, thereby increasing its share of the 2023 project budget from $80,000.00 to $174,956.84. No additional state or federal planning funds will be used.

Reason: Initial work on the I-35 Plan identified the need for a more detailed analysis of the Thompson Hill segment of the I-35 study area to better understand and document environmental concerns to aid in project scoping; and to further refine design concepts which may include a truck climbing lane for Thompson Hill, the I-35/Grand/Central Avenue interchange, and improved pedestrian/bike connections under I-35 in the West Duluth/Spirit Valley neighborhoods.

The additional work, involving technical analyses, agency coordination and public engagement, will be completed within the original project timeline. A technical memorandum documenting the analysis, findings, and agency input will be included in the final Plan.

Revised I-35 Project Page

2023-2024 UPWP Approved by MIC Policy Board

The final 2023-2024 Unified Transportation Planning Work Program and Budget (UPWP) was presented to and approved by the MIC Policy Board at its 10/19/22 meeting.  After receiving approvals from MnDOT and FHWA, it will be effective January 1, 2023.

2023 Planning Projects Discussion

New planning projects proposed for inclusion in the MIC’s 2023 work program were presented and discussed at the August TAC and MIC meetings.

What is included in the MIC’s UPWP?

The MIC work program is an annual publication that describes the planning activities the MIC will undertake and be involved in during the following two years, summarizes MIC’s recent planning activities and accomplishments, and identifies how federal, state, and local transportation funding will be spent on the different planning activities.

Each UPWP satisfies the requirements of 23 United States Code (USC) Section 134, 49 USC Section 5303, 23 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 420 and 450, and 2 CFR Part 200. The UPWPs identify and outline transportation planning activities for the period of January 1 through December 31 each year.

The publication of an MPO work program is required by federal law as a condition of receiving federal transportation funding.

MIC includes a Statement of Non-discrimination as part of the UPWP as well as a self-certification summary that details how the MIC complies with the applicable federal laws, including Title VI.

Funding Sources

The MIC’s work activities as described in the UPWP are supported by funding from the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation, the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission and the Northwest Regional Planning Commission.

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CY 2023-2024 Unified Transportation Planning Work Program and Budget - FINAL